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Prof. Olekae Tsompi Thakadu

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Okavango Research Institute

Associate Professor

Location: 03
Phone: 6817230
Email Prof. Olekae Tsompi Thakadu

PhD. University of Florida, Department of Agricultural Education & Communication, Gainesville, FL. USA.

M.Sc. University of Natal - School of Environment & Development, South Africa, Pietermaritzburg

B.Sc. University of Botswana, Gaborone

Prof. O. T. Thakadu, is an Associate Professor (Environmental Communication) with the University of Botswana, Okavango Research Institute. He worked for public service (Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism, Department of Wildlife & National Parks) for a decade in Botswana and mobilized local communities in CBNRM programs beginning 1993. Thakadu conducts research in environmental communication & education, risk communication, CBNRM, knowledge translation & extension. Thakadu has developed and implemented communication strategies for projects and organizations nationally and regionally. He has several peer reviewed research publications in the form of journal articles, monographs and book chapters in the area of communication, extension, community-based natural resources, environmental education and knowledge sharing. He is the current chairman of the Ngamiland CBNRM Forum.

Research Methods

Theories in Research

Research Communication

Environmental Communication & Education

Risk Communication

Community Based Natural Resources Management

Knowledge Translation

Diffusion of Innovations

Community Extension

Environmental Communication & Education

Risk/Crisis Communication

Natural Resources Management and CBNRM

Knowledge Translation

Diffusion of Innovations

Community Extension

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Thakadu, O.T. 2018. Communicating in the public sphere: Effects of patriarchy on knowledge sharing among community-based organisation leaders in Botswana. Environment, Development & Sustainability. 20, 2225–2242

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Thakadu, O.T., Irani, T.A., Telg, R. 2011. Communicating in the Public Sphere: Attitudes Towards Different Public Instructional Communication Methods. Environmental Communication: A Journal of Nature and Culture. 5 (1),83-103

Thakadu, O.T. 2005. Success Factors in CBNRM In Northern Botswana: Lessons from Practice. Natural Resources Forum. 29(3),199-212.

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