The vision of ORI is to be a leading wetlands and adjacent drylands research institute in Africa and the world by 2023 and beyond.


The mission of ORI is to undertake engaged research and provide training and service on wetland and adjacent dryland eco-systems.


As a research institute, we embrace the following core values and skills, which we seek to make standard behaviour in all our operations:

  1. Social responsibility and public accountability - provide leadership in responding to issues and problems facing society while ensuring full stakeholder participation in the development and work of the Institute.
  1. Staff motivation - promote teamwork by encouraging, supporting, developing, and empowering all individuals and groups to achieve the Institute vision (trust, mutual respect).
  1. Professional and ethical standards - uphold the highest professional and ethical behavior through openness, honesty, tolerance and respect for the individual.
  1. Environmental sustainability – deepening awareness and ensuring that environmental issues are infused into the development agenda of Botswana and beyond.
  1. Academic integrity and high-quality research – promote creativity and academic rigor.
  1. Student service - create a holistic learning environment by developing a range of learning, social, cultural and recreational opportunities that will facilitate the full realization of their potential for academic and personal growth.

In pursuit of academic excellence