The Library provides access to over +20 000 scholarly full text electronic journals, online and Networked databases, E-books and print books. The core of information these resources is on areas of tourism, Climate change, livelihoods, ecosystem, water resources management as well as information about similar work in other countries. Research outputs from ORI researchers, newspapers and videos. The library also houses the Richard Bell, Peter Smith and Hans Heinz unique collections which comprise of annotated maps, memoires, books and San photographic slides.

Peter Alexander Smith: (1931-1999)

His collection includes books, annotated aerial maps, maps recording details of field trips, observations and local topographic maps of the delta area.

Dr Hans Joachim Heinz: (1917 – 2000)

Dr Heinz who was trained in parasitology came to Botswana in 1961 to study the biology of the San (Basarwa) in the Okwa Valley, Takatshwane and Bere settlements. His work, which is depicted mostly in photographic collection, focuses on documenting the culture and indigenous knowledge of the San in Okavango Delta and Gantsi region.

Dr Richard Bell

Dr Bell Worked as a wildlife biologist throughout Southern Africa for 30 years and was renowned for his knowledge of wildlife monitoring techniques. His collection of diaries is a result of his work in Botswana, Malawi, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique.

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