​​​​​​Mendeley and EndNote

Training in the referencing tools are offered by the library staff to individuals and groups. Mendeley is an open source academic software you can use to manage, share, read, annotate and cite your research work and network with like-minded scholars. EndNote has pretty much the same features as Mendeley but can only be used within the University of Botswana intranet.

Plagiarism detection

Plagiarism is a term used   to describe a practice that involves knowingly taking and using another person’s work and claiming it, directly or indirectly, as your own. It is one of a number of practices deemed by universities to constitute cheating, or a lack of academic integrity. The library offers plagiarism detection in researchers and students’ work through the use of Blackboard’s SafeAssign software.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Search strategies

Users have to be conversant with search tools to be able to retrieve relevant and reliable sources of their information needs as the Internet is overwhelmed with inaccurate information items. Internet resources have to be evaluated to determine their quality and relevance. The library teaches techniques which could be used to establish the quality of the search and the criteria used to evaluate the relevance of the retrieved materials. 

In pursuit of academic excellence