Staff Profiles

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Dr. Gaseitsiwe Smollie Masunga
Research Scholar
Okavango Research Institute
No. 40
+267 6817225

Research Interests

Dr Masunga’s interests revolve around ecosystem and landscape processes (production, nutrient cycling, wildlife migration); wildlife-vegetation-soil interactions; biodiversity; vegetation ecology; natural resource management; and effects of ecological disturbances (natural fires fire, herbivory, floods) on ecosystem/landscape processes; and human-wildlife conflict.

His current focus is on landscape ecology and conducting research studies that try to improve the understanding of the relationships between spatial patterns and ecological processes at different spatio-temporal scales. Pattern-generating factors, both abiotic and biotic and their interactions, for example, fire, floods, herbivory, soil type, fall within his past and current research. He also has knowledge and expertise in incorporating issues of climate change (e.g. ecological effects and adaptations) into his research areas
Dr Masunga is also interested in consultancies focusing on biodiversity conservation, environmental impact assessments, natural resource management & monitoring, wildlife and birdlife conservation, fires, fences and human-wildlife conflicts.

Research Projects

  • Human-wildlife interactions in agrosystems in northern Botswana Project
  • Fire frequency-soil type interaction on vegetation dynamics in northern Botswana
  • Habitat transformation and dung beetle diversity in Chobe, Northern Botswana
  • Successes and challenges in the implementation of CBNRM projects in Botswana
  • Long term natural resource (wildlife) monitoring in community-based wildlife management areas in northern Botswana (Collaboration between Round River Conservation Studies, DWNP & ORI)
  • Rare ungulate (red lechwe, sitatunga) conservation in Chobe, Linyanti and Okavango Delta