Staff Profiles

Dr. Goemeone E.J. Mogomotsi

Dr GEJ Mogomotsi

Okavango Research Institute

Senior Research Fellow

Location: 042
Phone: 6817240
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  • PhD in Law (Financial Services Regulation), University of the Witwatersrand.
  • LLM in Commercial Law, University of South Africa.
  • LLM in International Trade, Business & Investment  Law, University of the Western Cape.
  • MPA (Public Policy), University of Botswana.
  • LLB, University of Botswana

Dr Mogomotsi is Senior Research Fellow (International Environmental Policy) in the Okavango Research Institute from the 3 October 2018. Previously he was in the Department of Legal Services, Office of the Vice Chancellor, University of Botswana where he served as a Legal Officer (Assistant Director equivalent level) for three and half years. Prior to joining the University of Botswana, he was with Barclays Bank of Botswana where he worked in the Legal and Compliance Departments as a Management Trainee. Before that, he worked as a Legal Counsel in Legal Aid Botswana. He started his career in July 2011 as an Associate Attorney at Duma Boko & Co.

  • Pollution Law
  • Waste Management
  • International Water Law
  • Research Ethics

  • Water law
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Transboundary environmental governance
  •  Natural resources law and policy
  • Climate Change
  • Waste management
  • Legal aspects of religious freedom
  • Financial services regulation among others
  • International Trade Law and the Environment
  • International Humanitarian Law (Law of Armed Combat)

Postgraduate Supervision Areas:

  • Environmetal Law and Policy
  • Public Policy 
  • Water Law
  • Law of Armed Combat and Conservation
  • International Environmental Law
  • Any other topic related to my research interests


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  2. Mogomotsi, PK., Stone, LS., Mogomotsi, GEJ and Dube, N (2020)‘Factors Influencing Community Participation in Wildlife Conservation’. Human Dimensions of Wildlife. 25(4): 372
  3. Mogomotsi, GEJ and Mogomotsi, PK (2018). ‘The Applicability of Riparian Rights Doctrine in Botswana: The Judicial Refusal to Depart from the Common Law Principles?’. Commonwealth Law Bulletin, 44(4): 625.
  4. Mogomotsi, GEJ et al., (2018). ‘Community Participation in Environmental Policy Formulation in Botswana.’ Chinese Journal of Population, Resources and Environment. 16(2): 171.
  5. Mogomotsi, GEJ and Madigele, P.K. (2017). ‘Live by the gun, die by the gun: An Analysis of Botswana’s ‘shoot-to-kill’ policy as an anti-poaching strategy’. South African Crime Quarterly. 60: 51.

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