Environmental Laboratory

As the only environmental laboratory in northern Botswana, we are a full-fledged facility with functions in research, teaching and routine analysis.

Routine Lab

We offer routine sample testing in an efficient and timely manner. Bring your sample to us for expert analysis for:

  • Water quality parameters
  • Anions
  • Minerals
  • Soil nutrients
  • Heavy metals
  • Micro-biology of water.

Research Lab

The research lab is open to specialized investigations of non-routine procedures by experts. In such cases researchers or lab staff with the expertise will be expected to take the lead in the analysis. As a graduate student, we will teach you how to operate our lab instruments so you can carry out your own analysis.

Teaching Lab

Do you require training on principles and use of analytical instruments? Request for one of our short courses and receive instruction from our highly experienced team.

Quality Assurance

The lab is committed to best industry standards in the provision of environmental lab services. To assure our results, we use different practices like inter-lab comparison, and proficiency testing schemes offered by these renowned institutions

  • Botswana Bureau of standards (BOBS),
  • South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) and

Wageningen Evaluating Programmes for Analytical Laboratories (WEPAL)

In pursuit of academic excellence