Sustainable Tourism

sustainable tourism

The Okavango delta provides an open-air laboratory for intellectual exploration of issues relating to sustainable tourism. Enter the Sustainable Tourism programme at ORI!

Immerse yourself in an environment where tourism issues continuously outplay themselves in your very eyes by doing research with us. You will encounter diverse research scholarship provided by our varied range of researchers, as illustrated by our past research, publications and projects.

Sustainable tourism is a worldwide theme but for the Okavango delta, the uniqueness is in the landscape, the people and the conservation policies of Botswana. We cover the areas of economic, social and environmental perspectives of tourism.  The practical realities of tourism faced by indigenous communities of the Okavango delta form a significant component of our research.

Come join us as we tackle tourism issues from different angles through different lenses.

Take a journey through sustainable tourism research that is crucial for conservation of the natural and cultural resources of the Okavango Delta. Find out how at …