Environmental Monitoring Unit (MU)

We are the first port of call for provision of unparalleled, world-class time series data and results on the Okavango river basin and neighbouring ecosystems. As a researcher, we offer you technical and logistical support for activities channelled through ORI. Our services are backed by the longest institutional memory on environmental operations in northern Botswana and a highly knowledgeable team who understand research. We maintain an expanding network of contributors and consumers of data pertaining to the Delta Region.

For informed decision making and planning, we recognize your need for data-based evidence and timely reporting on key environmental parameters on the basin. We maintain and extend our data collection processing capabilities to meet anticipated need in the Okavango delta, a Ramsar and World Heritage Site.

Contact us for more information or browse and download time series data and results on hydrology, flood prognosis, fire and climate.

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