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Dr. Oliver Moses

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Okavango Research Institute

Senior Research Scholar

Phone: 6817269
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Climate Scientist with a PhD in Ocean and Atmospheric Science, MPhil in Environmental Science, BSc in Mathematics and Meteorology. Previously worked for the Botswana Meteorological Services as a Principal Meteorologist; duties included forecasting and running Numerical Weather Prediction models.

Oliver Moses is a Senior Research Scholar in Climate Change Science at the Okavango Research Institute (ORI) of the University of Botswana. Before joining ORI, he worked for the Botswana Department of Meteorological Services as a Principal Meteorologist. His expertise includes the following: Climate variability and change, weather and climate modelling and prediction. His research interests are mainly on large-scale atmospheric circulation and ocean thermal patterns influencing the Okavango River Basin.  

ORC 600: Research Methods

GEC 431: Introduction to Wetland Research

climate variability, change, extremes and modelling. 

Moses, O., Blamey, R.C., Reason, C.J., 2023. Drought metrics and temperature extremes over the Okavango River basin, southern Africa, and links with the Botswana high. International Journal of Climatology. DOI: 10.1002/joc.8215.

Moses, O., Blamey, R.C., Reason, C.J.C., 2023. Extreme rainfall events over the Okavango River basin, southern Africa. Weather and Climate Extremes, 100589.

Moses, O., Blamey, R.C., Reason, C.J.C., 2022. Relationships between NDVI, river discharge and climate in the Okavango River Basin region. International Journal of Climatology 42(2), 691-713.

Moses, O., Ramotonto, S., 2018. Assessing forecasting models on prediction of the tropical cyclone Dineo and the associated rainfall over Botswana. Weather and Climate Extremes 21: 102–109.

Moses O., Hambira W.L., 2018. Effects of climate change on evapotranspiration over the Okavango Delta water resources. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, 105: 98–103.

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